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Train with Coach Chelc

My training is one of the most important things in my life. I found the gym at a weak and unhealthy point in my life and have remained as eager to learn and passionate as I first was. Feeling strong proved an addicting feeling, after losing a fair chunk of body fat, I gave weights a go and haven’t looked back!

Bodybuilding was inevitable I suppose, I fell into it in 2014 after attending my 1st bodybuilding show. It was amazing. I knew that was for me. The training was another level and I loved the precision and intensity. There is always more to learn and I not only love it as an athlete, but as a trainer as well. My passion for bodybuilding has attracted like minded people into my world and it’s the best! Sharing my passion and techniques with others is something I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to do, let alone make a living from.

Training is more than just a way to change my physique and improve strength…

I have ADHD so for me, it’s really great for my mental health. I am a huge over thinker and have a lot of extra energy, so focussing on the session I’m doing and being physically exhausted helps me slow down and sleep better.

Training is a great tool for mental health. It teaches structure, control, delayed gratification and mental resilience.

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