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My fur babies - My pugs!

Rupert - aka Moof or Old Boy

The first born, favourite child and goodest boy.

Ru is my first dog. After building a house next to a main road I was reluctant to get a cat as they wouldn’t be able to be outdoor ones as the ones I grew up with. I wanted a lap dog, not a trick dog. Something to go on short walks with but would be more of a cuddle buddy (as what I was used to with cats) . Pugs were always on my mind if I was ever to get a dog, they were cute and had low exercise requirements. I had just started as a PT and didn’t want another 2hours of exercise outside of work.

We got him back in 2013 and he’s been our little man ever since. He quickly turned from a typical naughty puppy to a very chill old man we see him as today. We spent the first 3yrs of his life together as I was only at the gym for a couple of hours at a time. I often brought him with me too, the members loved it.

When I started working more (and spending even more time at the gym for prep) I noticed he was getting separation anxiety. We decided he needed a buddy!

Ruby - aka Satan or Gremlin

Our naughty little girl, what a handful she turned out to be, and nothing like our first born!

Obviously we got her for him but she spent the first year of her life terrorising him, haha. She is totally opposite from Ru, she is highly energetic, has no fear, destructive and has even been known to steal.

She has cost us new floors, curtains and more pairs of jandles than I care to count! Even now, nearly 6yrs old shes as feisty as ever and it often mistaken for a puppy. Although a lot slower now in her old age she can stil cause havoc if she feels like it!

But we love her, in her calmer moments she has become besties with our old boy and has not only calmed his anxiety but even brought back the playful spark that was dulling. These two have solidified pugs as the breed of dog I would be happy to own forever. Their personalities are hilarious and are just so loving and the perfect nap buddies!

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