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Recovery is the Key!

Be sure to take time out for yourself. Your bad is amazing and needs time to relax and recharge.


One of the most basic and everyday recovery tools. Easy to do but sadly extremely under utilised. I aim to teach it to clients and other gym members as its crucial for maintaining range of motion, length and elasticity of muscles and prevent injuries.

Personally I stretch after every session of cardio, sauna or weights as well as in between sets. Best to do it when your warm as you can get more of a stretch. I have made myself a sequence of stretches that do each major muscle group and act as a nice cool down too.

There are so many ways to add in stretching to a daily routine, either after the gym, a yoga class or even an online video to follow!


A huge recovery tool! Deep tissue massage, hot stones, cupping, reflexology are just some of the massage techniques I have done to aid mobility, recovery and help with relaxation too.

I have been attending sessions of hot stones and deep tissue I have done every 2weeks. I have been working with this masseur for 8 years and she knows my body so well. I have some past injuries that need rehabbing as well as just keeping me lose and limber for my current training.

Given my excessive training and very active lifestyle, injuries and burnout are common if your recovery effort doesn’t match your training effort.


I love the sauna! A great place to nap, personally. Haha... I use an infrared sauna at least once a week to assist in recovery. The benefits list is huge eg: cardiovascular function, circulation boost, flushes out toxins, promotes relaxation, anti-inflammatory (I have arthritis so this helps with the pain a lot in winter) and fights chronic fatigue.

So really no reason not to do it. Recovery and some time to nap as well, perfect!

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