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Bodybuilding - Where do I start?

A sport, an art, a lifestyle and an obsession.

Bodybuilding came into my life at a very crucial moment. I had just become a personal trainer, I was 20 years old. I had just lost about 40kgs of body fat, became qualified and was eager to prove myself in this new industry.

I met an athlete at the gym I was working in, he was perfect. His shape was unlike anyone I had seen before and watching his train with such specificity and purpose was amazing. We became friends as I would often ask him to explain the exercises I would see him do (none that I had been taught in Tafe) and soon I went to watch him compete in a show.

It was all I needed to see.

The women up there were mesmerising, the shape, the flow, the aesthetics. I knew that was what I wanted for me. So I hired a bodybuilding coach and got to work. Starting out in bikini (the smallest division for women) I found my legs after the first show and began placing in every show since. Each year it became more of an everyday thing as I knew I had to take it more seriously each competition. I couldn’t sneak food or slack off on cardio after I had started winning, I had a reputation to keep up.

After becoming too big for the bikini division I moved up to figure. The obsession for a bigger shape had taken me to the next level up, but for a while I was unsure if I could make the leap. But after judges feedback after my last bikini show, I went for it.

Fast forward and here I am now, prepping for my 2nd competition as an IFBB Pro League Figure athlete.

This life, is unlike anything I have even experienced. The discipline is next level, the intensity is unmatched and the community is getting bigger by the day.

Everything I do in my day to day life is to serve bodybuilding. Eating exact meals, water intake, sleep, supplements year round. There is always work to be done to better your physique, your posing and presentation, your inner health, your mindset and your ability to endure. I believe this to be the hardest sport in the world. Encompassing your every day movements from the time you start until your retirement.

I could go on and on about what this life means to me, but if you watch, you will see it. I am doing everything I can to be a strong, healthy and accomplished athlete in this sport. I want to make my mark before I step aside and focus solely on helping others.

I love that there is always more to learn, more work to do and most importantly more gainz to be had. Amen.

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